Friday, 10 January 2014

Changes a foot

Today has been an interesting one at work.

Sometimes I want to shake people.  Some people think they are so up in the sky (if you know what I mean) that us little plebs don't matter.  I hate the pretences and how they treat people.  Sometimes I sit there and think they don't understand how they are treating people and then I think better of it because they don't care.  They think solely of themselves and most people think that they are so far up themselves. 

I have worked with this person for a while and I still feel like she treats me like an idiot.  She is wonderful when she wants to now things or wants me to do things but otherwise I am just a person that is expendable and I have put up with it for so long.

I want to slap her!!! I used to sit there and hear other people complain about the same sort of thing from her and I couldn't see it... but now I do and can understand how people get mad.

Ok so enough of the moaning. 

I have been on track this week and hubby has been tracking the calories and I have been so good not to eat anything that I shouldn't. 

I haven't done much exercise but I want to get the food down first and then the exercise.

There are a couple of jobs I am applying for at the moment for more money in a workplace I have worked before. I am excited about them and would so much love to get one of them.  I know it is a long shot but it would be a fantastic opportunity. 

Things happening at work as we start this new year.  Two people have resigned and my job could be changing as a result.  Hopefully it is a good change???

Overall I want to be happy. 

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