Monday, 27 January 2014

Walking and Jogging me??? lol

Today is a holiday here (Monday) and we were going to sleep in but I got a bit restless and decided we all needed to get up and out on this beautiful summer day.

They always have a market on long weekends about 20 minutes drive from home.  So Q (son) J (hubby) and I went for a drive with Charlie (dog).  14 year old son (C) and my mum stayed at home as they didn't want to go out.

It was great to get out just the 3 of us and Charlie.  The craft fair was great but I was only interested in the rubber stamp stall as they usually have really good deals.  I brought 5 stamps (big one) for $45 so I was so happy about that.  Plus the walking around the stalls was better than being at home and sleeping it away.

I really want to get moving as I am really bad with the exercise and only getting in an average of 4,000 steps in a day and that isn't good.  At work I have a desk job and I just don't get off my backside and half the time I don't have a lunch break and I work longer hours then they pay me and I have to stop that.

If I can't do my work in the time that I have then they will have to sort out why as I work really hard.

We got home and I felt restless so we tried out a new park over the other side of town where it was a dog park and there were so many horrible hills but it was good for my heart.  We went down one of the hills after climbing it and then I started to jog a bit.  I felt really good about it... didn't last long but I did it.

Managed to make a card this afternoon as I had done my exercise and I didn't feel guilty about sitting in my craft room

Food has been terrible until today and exercise as well and I have to get back in to blogging again so that I can sort me out. 

I find when I am blogging and commenting on others blogs I am so much better. 

I want to lose this weight.

Hubby said I can go and buy one of those handbags I want $65 if I get down 5 kgs.  So I need to do this.

I was back up to 139.4 Saturday morning so 134.4 here I come... well my bag anyway.

Have a great night everyone


  1. Sounds like a nice day with your family. I have a desk job, too, and spend way too much time sitting!

    Hope you have a good day!~

  2. Hmm...I commented and it went away. LOL Maybe if sent it to you anyway :)